I am available to provide concerts or musical workshops on the following themes for schools, festivals, universities, unions, community groups and progressive organizations:

"January is Martin Luther Kings B'day-February is Black history month" May is Asian History Month{nl} June July August celebrates Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans (LGBT) Pride{nl} Mother Earth day - May-{nl} September -take back the night-September is the Labour march{nl} May 1st is May Day - April 22nd is Earth day{nl} March 8th International Women's Day- and so is the month


Freedom Songs / Concert or Workshop Participants will learn and sing together about peace , jobs ,justice , love and struggle using civil rights music from various cultures Native/aboriginal, African , diasporic(blues, Swahili , jazz ,spirituals , Yiddish, Korean,Spanish. We will raise our voices high and find a harmony of life lived together. Concert : 45 minutes /unlimited participants Block booking Workshop: maximum 50 people

The Blues / Concert or Workshop Do you get excited hearing Robert Johnson, Leadbelly, Memphis Minnie, Gladys Bentley , Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters plus many more traditional blues from the early plantation / jail houses / juke joints . Let's get excited and sing and feel that longing yet satisfying feeling through the best of the blues. From call and response to finger picking- funky urban blues telling . A workshop/concert for blues lovers everywhere. Concert : /unlimited participants Workshop: maximum 50 people

Faith Nolan-Vocal Workshop "if you can talk you can sing" Group singing is a spiritual and emotional upliftment. Faith Nolan has led four different " group singing" choirs for over a decade. "Imani Freedom Singers", "The Prison for Women Singers," "Eastern Commerce High School Young Black Women Singers", " CUPE picket line and Convention Singers, " and the SEIU Choir and Convention Singers".

The music stylings range from gospel, blues, African , folk {nl}and jazz. Participants are asked to work collectively and egalitarian {nl}so that every voice is heard whether through introduction or solos. {nl}we will use vocal warm up techniques and body movement to gain a {nl}relaxed singing style. Each participant will be given a set of lyrics {nl}to the songs.

Examples of some songs used are "Marie Joseph Angelique", I'm On My Way to Freedom Land", Get Up Stand Up , Stand Up For Your Rights", "Ow Wo yo ayeah". Unlimited participants{nl} Concert : 45 minutes /unlimited participants Workshop: maximum 50 people Block booking

Black Women And The Blues / Concert or Workshop Faith performs her own powerful compositions as well as the music of the great women of the Blues Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey , Billie Holiday,Nina Simone. Enjoy the historical stylings of the rural cotton pickin' blues,slide guitar , twelve bar and the urban blues. Faith not only performs the music -she's also great, (and very entertaining) source of information about the history of the blues and the great blues women. Concert : 45 minutes/unlimited participants Workshop: maximum 50 people

African Canadian Civil Rights Music / Concert or Workshop African Baptist churches formed throughout Canada and the United States were the birthplace of many of the songs of liberation in the struggle since slavery for equality. These songs became widely recognized during and after the civil rights movement of the 1960's . They became the vocal and lyrical representation of the movement to end state sponsored segregation and the goal of full equality and justice.This workshop covers a range of topics through song like -anti racism (Ride on the Bus with Me) gender equity (I Black Woman) commitment to struggle (We shall Overcome), to songs that aid in organizing and disseminating information (I'm On My Way) Concert : 45 min. unlimited participants /Block booking . Workshop: maximum 50 people

Women's Labour / Concert or Workshop (International Women's Month) Bread and Roses ,Mama was an Engineer and I'm a Union Woman are just a few of the traditional songs about women and work. Songs of celebration, they also commemorate the labour victories of women as they have moved to become partners in the workplace with equal access to jobs and equitable pay. In addition to the traditional labour songs, Faith performs her original compositions about working women, including Box Factory and Manufactured Woman's blues. The event features a diversity of musical stylings ranging from folk ballads to soul, reggae and jazz. Participation is encouraged ,lyric sheets for Xerox are available upon request. A popular concert workshop which has been conducted at numerous conferences, conventions, academic retreats, universities ,schools and community events. Concert : 45 minutes /unlimited participants Workshop: max. 50 people

Collective Songwriting/ Concert or Workshop This songwriting workshops starts with a short concert of original songs about peoples issues using popular union songs and easily singable melodies. Using a variety of styles participants will choose the type of music they prefer i.e.( folk/ reggae/blues/ballad/rap)Participants will be encouraged to raise their issues, write about there personal lives /jobs/communities issues which affect us all. Issues will be determined by the presenters. The particular stylings of music will depend on the choices group involved. For example with students rap and R&B rhythms will provide the musical background and lyrical format to voice their with Women/worker and other special interests group.A fun way to break up a long day. The resulting songs will be recorded and copies available for use in participants workplaces, further conventions/classrooms and picket lines. Concert : 45 minutes+ /unlimited Workshop: maximum 50 people Block booking

P.O. RR#2 Burnt River KOM 1CO email : faith @ nexicom. net ph. 705-488-2446 fax 705 488-3190 or 416-537-8194


African Canadian History Through Music / Concert or Workshop Musician singer songwriter Faith Nolan has been writing and performing songs about Afro Canadian history since the early 1980's. Her album 'Africville', traces African Canadian history from slavery (1642) in Canada through the end of Nova Scotia's Africville in 1969. This album and song book with art by Grace Channer can be found in libraries,community centers, schools and universities across Canada and the United States. Government and non government organizations around the country celebrate Afro-Canadian history in the month of February. This concert workshop celebrates and educates about the history featuring songs and discussions about celebrated Afro Canadians like Josiah Henson, Mary Ann Shadd, John Ware and Americans like Rosa Parks, Madame C Walker and Harriet Tubman. Song stylings reflect the historical development of the African Diaspora such as drums,call and response, Blues,jazz reggae and R&B. Concert : 45 minutes /unlimited participants Block booking Workshop: maximum 50 people

Chant down Babylon Gatherings, walkathons ,demos, picket lines ....need to be able to form there own musical chants create entertainment that is relevant to what they are gathered for.In this workshop we will learn and create songs and chants using vocals , body rhythms and percussion. Great for building moral. We'll explore known peoples chants like "ain't no power but the power of the people and the power of the people don't stop",Hey hey what do say music brings hope and happiness each day{nl} Concert : 45 minutes+ /unlimited Workshop: maximum 50 people Block booking

Lesbian and Gay Music / Concert or Workshop Each year millions of lesbian and gays globally struggle along with Amnesty International for there full and equal human rights .In June .Lesbian / Gay / Bi and Trans Pride Day has become globally recognized as celebration and commemoration for equality. This workshop will use popular education through music to create awareness of the historical and contemporary call for equality. Over the decades songs have given voice to this issue ,from Ma Raineys Prove It On Me (recorded in 1923 to Bessie Smiths 1930's Jailhouse blues to Faiths contemporary Canadian compositions including Loving Womon and She's Young Black Gifted and Gay this concert/workshop traces and celebrates the lives of lesbians throughout history. The aim of this workshop is to educate and create awareness to decrease discrimination and combat homophobia. Concert : 45 minutes /unlimited participants Workshop: maximum 50 people


  1. Freedom Songs"
  2. If you can talk you can sing" Group Singing
  3. Blues Music
  4. Black Women and the Blues
  5. Labour Music
  6. African Canadian/ American History
  7. African Canadian/ American Civil Rights Songs
  8. No More Violence
  9. Lesbian Gay By Trans Music
  10. Collective Songwriting Workshop
  11. Women's Labour Music
  12. Singing & Chanting down Babylon

Faith Nolan COMPILATION CD can be purchased by mailing a cheque for $20 + $2 postage payable to

Faith Nolan, P.O. Box 690, Station P, Toronto, Ontario M5S 2Y4{nl} phone 416-537-8194 website

I am still working to have my new CD out "AFRO NOVA BLUES". If you {nl}would like to pre-order, please send a check for $20 + $2 to the {nl}above address. CDs will be sent out as soon as they are available, {nl}but please allow until end of 2000 for delivery.

Peace and Justice Faith Nolan


Where Faith has been and Where Faith will be Update

July - 16th Peterboro Blues Cruise sponsored by the Peterboro Folk Festival

July 21-23 Women's Voices Festival Festival dates - July 21-23, at the picturesque Bean Town Ranch in Plantagenet, ONT., approximately 45 minutes east of Ottawa, towards Montreal.the festival is in it's forth year, and is created by women, entirely for women. One major stage outside, various themes throughout the day. Main stage Friday & Sat. evenings, plus Sunday from 2:00pm - 6:00pm. Other Toronto artists in 2000 include Women Ah Run Tings, Randon Order, plus Vinnick, Sheppard & Harte. We have artists from across Canada, and into the states this year. Submissions from around the world though!Attendees will be approx 1000 this year, from all over! They listen to music, camp, canoe, swim, eat good food, and shop in the vendor section. It is a glorious venue/location!

June - Women's Drumming Camp Ontario,Contact : laurestine swain at 10 year Celebration of Kenora Sexual assault Center, Kenora Ont. Benefit for Native Girl sponsored by Kenora Sexual Assault Center, York University, Association of Ontario Universities and Colleges Human rights Dept. gathering at York University- Rally against the closing of Ontario Schools, TDSB on College, Benefit for Young Black Girls Scholarship at the Jewish Canadian Center, London Ontario Lesbian Gay By Trans Pride Weekend ,

May - International Conference on Prison Abolition , Toronto -Benefit for Oka Pow Wow, Montreal

April - TDSB ( Toronto District School Board) Young Women's Conference at Bathurst Heights and HighBrook Board Office, East High -Coburg,Ont., Earth Day -Julia Butterfly & Ralph Nader Berkley, Montclair Women's Cultural Club in Oakland, Color of Violence- University Santa Cruz,Women of Color Film Festival; Santa Cruz,

March - PCVS High School-Saint Peters-Kenner Collegiate-sponsored by the Peterboro Race Relations Committee for the Canadian International Day for the Elimination of Racism - Equity department gig at Carleton University Benefit for London Women's Shelter benefit at Halo