February 2004






Saturday, March 20, 2004 at 7pm{nl} FUSE{nl} 418 College Street{nl} East of Bathurst Street{nl} For more info call (416) 537-8194

SEIU Choir VOICES OF FREEDOM gigs with FAITH NOLAN and the Sistering choir GIGS

NOTE:( please do not sing at the gigs unless you have attended at{nl}least two rehearsals)
THE SEIU CHOIR HAS A GIG Friday, March 26th, 6-9pm
Trinity St.{nl}Paul's United Church, 427 Bloor Street West


Bloor Cinema( Bathurst +Bloor) in Toronto,
7pm April 1st
Launch the film "WAITING FOR MARTIN" a political documentary on the prime minister
Subject: Voices of Freedom Choir{nl}-Rehearsal Monday April 6th{nl}7pm -8:30pm{nl}427 Bloor St West(1blk west of Spadina on South{nl}side)
CHOIR RESUMES {nl}MONDAY March 29th 2004 (free to all)
RSVP if your coming to Faith{nl}416-537-8194 or email: Faith@nexicom.net{nl}
Subject: Voices of Freedom Choir -{nl}rehearsal{nl} MONDAY APRIL 5th ( free to{nl}all){nl}7pm -8:30pm{nl}427 Bloor St West(1blk west of Spadina on South{nl}side)
RSVP if{nl}your coming to Faith 416-537-8194 or email: faith@nexicom.net
Please Come to Voices of Freedom{nl}Choir(SEIU) on Monday March 29th at Saint Paul's Trinity{nl}at 7pm - 8:30pm.
RSVP if your coming to Faith{nl}416-537-8194 or email{nl}
427 Bloor St West(1blk west of{nl}Spadina on South side){nl}Hi Everyone, Our last rehearsal was great. We have new{nl}choir books check them out We have a performance on March 20th at{nl}FUSE restaurant/Bar a fundraiser.RSVP email:{nl}faith@nexicom.net
{nl}or for more info{nl}416-537-8194
Please Come to Voices of Freedom{nl}Choir(SEIU) on Monday March 29th and every Monday at Saint Paul's{nl}Trinity at 7pm - 8:30pm.
427 Bloor St West(1blk west{nl}of Spadina on South side)
FYI AGAIN : The Sistering Women's Choir{nl}(UMOJA) has begun rehearsals on Monday afternoons. Anyone women{nl}interested in supporting this choir, let me know. Ideas??{nl}Gigs???
About the{nl}singing group "VOICES OF Labour " (open to all) Sounds of{nl}Freedom
The group{nl}will be open to all members of the community homeless youth,{nl}people of colour, immigrants, LGBTQ indigenous ,employed, unemployed,{nl}professional singers or people who love to sing and share there voices.
An example{nl}of the songs and styles we will use is gospel based songs like{nl}"Peace Jobs and Justice", This little light of Mine ", We shall{nl}Overcome". The other music chosen will will be Latin songs like{nl}"El Tambour, La paz, then South African Mining song "Sho sho{nl}loza", Sibahana and a Hebrew song Hava new shalom{nl}alechem , El Tambour.The singers will become familiar with singing{nl}together using these songs in the first half of rehearsal . {nl}We will begin to participate in community events singing two or three{nl}songs at first we will participate in events like, festival,{nl}community celebrations, community meetings. ?We will {nl}then work to find commonalities and make lyrical and musical{nl}sense of the lyrics to form songs. Because the community {nl}is made of many diverse cultures the music and lyrics used will{nl}be in various languages such as Urdu, Spanish, Portuguese,{nl}Carribean dialect, Totso. Most of the rehearsals will of our own{nl}compositons and those of other composers will be learned {nl}using a call and response technic. The singers will be sung each line{nl}and asked repeat it back so there won't be a need for sheet{nl}music.Then we will divide into a group of three or four and do{nl}the same to create harmonies and other vocal parts, Keys will chosen{nl}that are comfortable and simple yet emotive lyrics which call for{nl}refrain will be used.Music allows for so much in a community{nl}friendships between members are built, sorrows are eased{nl}and seratonin is released. Singing performances will allow the {nl}community access to the wider communities in the GTA. Using there{nl}voices in an artistic way will increase there vocal abilities {nl}such as annunciation,voice projection,breathing techniques With this{nl}lies the potential to build a powerful group of{nl}freedom singers to support our movement to justice and{nl}equality.
I really{nl}hope see you there
{nl}HI all,Please come out to the gig and sing and come{nl}to the rehersal this week Please Come to Voices{nl}of Freedom Choir on Monday March 29th for our weekly rehearsal and{nl}every Monday at Saint Paul's Trinity at 7pm -{nl}8:30pm.
427 Bloor St West(1blk west of{nl}Spadina on South side)