August 2004


Women{nl} and Canada's Prison Industrial Complex{nl} (montreal, 7-9 pm) -Wed Jan 28 2004

Thursday January 29, 2004. 7:00-9:00 pm. Grassroots activist and musician{nl} FAITH NOLAN will talk about women in prisons, queers, race and class. Concordia School for{nl} Community and Public Affairs, 2149 Mackay{nl} (metro Guy-Concordia). ...details

Faith will perform at a{nl} benefit concert for the Immigrant Workers{nl} Centre on Friday January 30th at 1710{nl} Beaudry.




Hello working people, friends and{nl} comrades,

Please{nl} come out and join Faith Nolan with The Voices{nl} of Freedom Choir, Rehearsals start up again on Monday Sept. 13{nl} at 7pm at Trinity St. Paul's Centre, 427 Bloor St. W. and will take place each Monday thereafter, unless otherwise noted.

for info or your coming please contact faith{nl} nolan by email or Ph. 416-537-8194


Be a part of making the world a better place. We aren't looking for stars "if you can talk you{nl} can sing" no experience necessary.

Lend your voice Come out and sing .

All welcome

This choir was founded by the SEIU and now{nl} Open to the peace, Indigenous, POC, Queer, labour{nl} youth, people of colour, immigrant, employed, unemployed, People who love to sing and share{nl} there voices, "In songs of freedom and{nl} struggle".

We are cross cultural songs like "Peace Jobs{nl} and Justice", This little light of Mine ", "We{nl} shall Overcome", Solidarity

The other music chosen will will be Latin{nl} songs like "El Tambour, Paz, then South African{nl} Mining song "Sho sho loza", Sibahana and a Hebrew{nl} song Hava new shalom alechem .

Singing together weekly in rehearsal events{nl} we'll become familiar with these songs plus many{nl} many more of Freedom participates in community{nl} events singing two or three songs at first we{nl} will participate in events like, workers rallies{nl} festivals, community celebrations, community{nl} meetings.

Because the community is wonderfully diverse{nl} the music and lyrics used will be in various{nl} languages such as Urdu, Spanish, Portuguese, Caribbean dialect, Totso. Most of the rehearsals{nl} will use a call and response technique. The{nl} singers will be sung each line and asked repeat{nl} it back so there won't be a need for sheet music. Music allows for so much in a community{nl} friendships between members are built, sorrows{nl} are eased and seratonin is released. Singing{nl} performances will allow the community access to{nl} the wider communities in the GTA. Using our{nl} voices to sing will increase our vocal abilities{nl} such as annunciation, voice projection, breathing{nl} techniques Voices of Freedom is a powerful{nl} group of freedom singers supporting just causes{nl} in our community.