May 2005


VOICES OF FREEDOM{nl} P.O. 690 STN. P{nl} Toronto, Ontario M5S 2Y4

EMAIL: {nl}WEBSITE: {nl}PHONE: 416.537.8194

ONTARIO FEDERATION OF LABOUR{nl}{nl}15 Gervais Drive #407{nl}{nl}Toronto, Ontario M3C 1Y8{nl}{nl}May 28, 2005


Dear Executive Board:

Under the superb musical direction of founder, Faith Nolan, an accomplished professional singer/musician and well known community activist, VOICES OF FREEDOM have performed since 2003.

This twenty member adult choir represents a wonderful blend of performers unique to Toronto. African American, Peace, Korean , Justice, Japanese, Ojibway, Bob Marley, Spanish, Xhosa, Freedom and of course the stirring songs of Faith Nolan are some of the 'languages' we sing.

VOICES OF FREEDOM would very much like to participate in the Labour Day Parade this year. We welcome the opportunity to join with our sisters and brothers in song and solidarity.

Sincerely, {nl}Ottley Ash per VOICES OF FREEDOM{nl}