December 2005


Welcome meegwitch here we are in the belly of the globalization beast, singing for freedom. Please see wanted below over the past months I give thanks in that I have been honored to be invited to play and give workshops at:

  • January **Martin Luther KINGS Birthday
  • FEBRUARY** Black History Month
  • March** International Women's Month

I am looking for gigs /workshops/talks/conferences /rallies for {nl}justice/blues, folk, jazz festivals, union, civil rights, women's rights, {nl}gender race studies. Can write songs for schools, union's commemorations, {nl}NGO's etc.


Weekly choir on Mondays at 7pm 427 Bloor St W. Trinity St. Paul with {nl}Elementary Teachers of Toronto (choir is available to do gigs)

  • Dec 9th Grassroots CafÃ���Ã��Ã�©. Commemorate Dec6th Massacre- Peterboro
  • Dec 20th Central East Correctional Centre
  • January-/Feb weekly workshop CECC
  • Feb 3rd University of Windsor
  • Feb 9th Ontario Nurses Association
  • Feb.10th ETT
  • March- Concordia -Montreal

GIGS GONE August-November

  • Concert with the Native Sisterhood at _Burnaby Correctional Centre For Women {nl}sponsored by Joint Effort + Kim Pate
  • Professor Lee Lorch b'day ( leftie of the hour)
  • Benefit Peterboro Anti Poverty Coalition
  • Elementary Teachers Of Toronto (formed choir) contact Eileen Markwick (
  • Central east Correctional Centre (Lindsay)
  • Take Back the Night (Newmarket)
  • Social Justice Retreat (Algonquin) David Langville
  • Immigrant Women's Centre Mobile Launch (city hall)
  • Edmonton Institution for Women (Women's reintegration Concert) Denise {nl}Maclaren
  • Kindred House Concert Edmonton

We watch as the voice of business under the guise of charitable donations {nl}takes over freedom of speech. I.e. centres, schools, universities, folk, {nl}jazz festivals tow the line. Artists can not be silenced through constant {nl}threat and fear of cutbacks. More homelessness joblessness and pay cuts and {nl}line ups for minimum wage jobs. I read in the paper the economy was getting {nl}better, is that why more people beg on the streets of Toronto? Is that why {nl}we have wage cutbacks? Have our tax dollars gone to corporate handouts and {nl}not to support the interests of working people... health... education jobs... {nl}homes... environment... Health... education... jobs... homes? Where is the front page news on what affects every one of us working people? We must continue the struggle for equality until the day there is no economic disparity because of the colour of our skin, whether we are male female or transgendered, until no one is hungry in a world full of food.

HOUSE FOR RENT (2hrs from Toronto) to progressive people (day, weekend, week or monthly) on 20 acres of piney wood forest with trails, it is a four-bedroom woodstove/fireplace, computer, TV. DVD, VHS , 4piece bath-fully furnished living room, dining room, full kitchen, library of books cross country skiing at your door and a great quiet clean air place to get away ... do art ie... write , compose

CALL: 416.537.8194

Wanted get together a group of{nl}Semi professional singers from the different language groups to share the {nl}mosaic music together in BI-weekly music gathering. Email me if interested.

Call 416.537.8194