March 2006

Comrades , Sisters, Brothers, all of us who would do the right  thing . Please read and distribute widely  see phone call/fax list  at bottom and hope to  see you   there. all power to the people faith

Subject: FW: J4MW: Fwd: Six Nations on "Red Alert" - Tell Canada  "Don't use guns to negotiate"
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 09:29:18 -0400 Please distribute to your  networks and contact government representatives to deal with this  issue politically not militarily (contacts below).


You never know what they're going to do.  Canadian Commandos, JTF2, and the RCMP are on record for having supported disinformation  and smear campaigns in the past.  Putting in and detonating land  miles at Gustafsen Lake, and firing 77,000 rounds of ammunition at a  religious family gathering of 26 Indigenous people, of which most  were women and children.

It is an old colonial tactic to shoot a gun, or blow up something and pretend it was "Injuns what done it!"  This is to create to move in with state sanctioned violence.   So far Indians have never fired the  first shot. Don't forget the big picture.  Who is on whose land?  Who is the host and who are the guests?  Here's a letter from Hazel  on the front line:


"Hi Kahentinetha:

It's about 1:30 am [Wednesday, April 19th].  Dick and I came home  for a bit so he could rest and I could get online checking messages etc.

My phone died right after I called you this afternoon.  Sorry if I  was unable to respond.  of all days!.  I had left the phone in the truck overnight and didn't have it charged when I went to site.  Got that problem fixed.  Borrowed a charge from one of the girls on site.  Works fine.

Well, let's see.  It has been an interesting day.  The [traditional Confederacy] chiefs issued their press release which Jacquie read to  you. We have been on "red alert".  Earlier this evening, Dick sent  out one of his friends to check Unity School [nearby which the  Ontario Provincial Police are using as their 'Command Center'].   There were over 50 cars there at that time.  He then headed toward  Hamilton.  There was a whole line of them [police cruisers] coming  in toward Caledonia.

The theme was set earlier in the morning when the town of Caledonia's emergency "fog horn" went off, and helicopters were flying overhead. Later on Janie [one of the women at the site] and I delivered  Notices to "cease and desist" to Haldimand Township, Ontario Hydro, band council etc. (copy will be forwarded via fax).  We've yet to serve Henco  [Industries]. We also register mailed it to the Queen and Governor  General of Canada. We also served the band council with a "Notice of  Violation of Law" that had gone out earlier.

Mike and I spoke to band council.  I told them I was not there to 'acede' jurisdiction to their council.  I was delegated by the Onkwehonweh Kahnesteserah (clanmothers) to deliver the order to Cease and  Desist.  We had fun with them.  Mike is a good speaker.  He did us  all proud.  So good that [band council] "chief" [Dave] General says  he is coming to the site in the morning at breakfast to talk to the  People.  Boy, the people are ready.

Janie and I were pulled over by cops dressed as Mounties [RCMP]  under the pretense of [not wearing our] seatbelts (which we talked  our way out of). It was definitely the feeling that they had a  different job, probably warning Caledonia residents of impending  danger.  He was putting his hand up long before he seen we weren't  wearing seatbelts.  Just our feeling!

Then this evening those helicopters were overhead again.  Their  tactics of mental warfare are getting more suggestive.  But you know  what was good? The people continued to laugh and play.  I cooked  supper.  We gathered and had a good day.  I keep telling everybody, "It's all good!

Our final words to the band council was, "It's our land".  Mike had already told them we weren't there "protesting anything".  "Get it right!  We are repossessing our land".  He reminded them, when they told us of the great job they were doing in land claims, that, "We ain't claiming nothing!  It already belongs to us.  The government is only trying to "swap" land that already belongs to us".  I can't remember  all of it, but I'm sure one of the local papers in attendance was recording and [hope] will print it.

Lisa VanEvery was at the meeting, trying desperately to give us the "evil eye".  We just gave her the biggest grin we could.  Her dad was  there, just like his sister did at the feds [federal government]  meeting.  She implored the band council to get us out of there  'cause "as long as there's people like that ------ fellow there,  there is going to be blood spilt".

We have the alarm set for 3:00 am.  I'm gonna go and rest for a bit.  As you very well know, there is not much sleep being had.  My brain  will not stop thinking.  It is not a bad thing.  There are so many  ideas going on in there.  I have to try and find quiet time to sort  them out.

Even Alan MacNaughton [a Confederacy chief] called me just before  Mike and I headed to the band council meeting.  I told him what I  was going to do. He said, "Good, it's about time".  He called to let  the people know exactly why they [Confederacy chiefs] issued the  press release.  Basically it is as we already knew.  The feds  [Canadian government] will not recognize nor deal with anyone except  their own puppet government. Actually, it has made my heart rest a  bit easier.  It leaves the power with the people where it belongs.  Sometimes when those chiefs get to a table to talk, they forget the  message their suppose to deliver, don't you think?

Thanks again for all the support, forwarding mails etc.  The men are  in their [red] "alert" mode as are the women.  We are doing what we  need to do to prepare.  My thoughts are, "I don't think Canada would  be that stupid to act, knowing full well the wide range of support  that exists for us".  I was told a group of 'non-natives' who  stopped by the site earlier that they had pulled up some train  tracks in support of our cause.  They said they oppose their  government's unwillingness to settle this though the political means  as opposed to at the point of a gun barrel.  Quite interesting, don't you think?  There are those out there who understand even better than our own where this is headed.  Have a good nite.  Hazel".


Think about it, Canada?  The media "blackout" is to cover the embarrassment that Canada would feel if the public knew what their  tax dollars were being spent on - guns, police terror and to support  the exploitation of Indigenous resources and Canadian people by  American big business.

Six Nation Contact:  Dick Hill 519-865-7722, 519-445-1351; Hazel 519-717-4292, 519-445-0719; Jacquline House 905-765-9316;;

Send or phone messages to stop this lunacy:

Premier of Ontario, PHONE: (416) 325-1941, FAX: (416) 325-3745, email: (cc:

ONTARIO RCMP, Headquarters, 130 Dufferin Ave, PO Box 3240 Station B, London, ON N6A 4K3, Telephone: 519-640-7267

Hamilton/Niagara Reg Det, STN Main BOX 487,Hamilton L8N 3H8 (905)572- 2401

Kingston Det 1000 Gardiners RD 3RD FLR Kingston K7P 3C4, (613)384-7201

Kitchener Det 17 Executive Place Kitchener N2P 2V3, (519) 896-3542

London Det 451 Talbot ST 8TH FLR London N6A 5C9, (519) 645-4329

Sault Ste Marie Det 22 Bay ST Sault Ste Marie P6A 5S2, (705) 941-7267

Sudbury Det 1310 Sparks ST Sudbury P3A 2C8, (705) 671-0645

Thunder Bay Det 21 Archibald ST N  Thunder Bay, P7C 3Y3, (807)623-2791

Toronto East Det 415 Baseline RD W BOX 1500 Bowmanville L1C 4V7, (905)697-6000

Toronto West Det 2755 Highpoint Drive Milton L9T 5E8, (905) 876-9500

Toronto Lester B Pearson Airport Det 255 Atwell DR Etobicoke M9W 7G2, (905)405-3750

Toronto North Det 345 Harry Walker PKY S    Newmarket L3Y 8P6 (905) 953-7267

Windsor Det 6080 Riverside DR E Windsor N8S 1B6 (519) 948-5287


ONTARIO PROVINCIAL POLICE Haldimand County O.P.P. (6C01)P.O. Box 148 72 Hwy. # 54 Cayuga, Ontario N0A 1E0 Phone 905-772-3322, Fax 905-772-5815

Dispatch Office: 1-888-310-1122 Primary Contact Brian Haggith, Inspector; Alternate Contact Pat Colley, Staff Sergean


Department of Justice Canada 284 Wellington Street

Prime Minister Stephen Harper:

Attorney General Ontario,

Governor General: Michaelle Jean Fax (613) 998-1664

Henco Industries Ltd., 128 Highland Blvd. Caledonia Ontario. N3W  2P1; Brant County Community Development: Fax (519) 442-3461; to  cities on our land - City of Brantford:  Fax (519) 759-7840 E-mail:; Corporation of Haldimand County: Fax (905) 772-2148,; Oxford County:; Onondaga: Customer Service Fax  (519) 758-1619; South Dumfries: Customer Service Fax (519) 448-3105;  Dufferin County:  Fax (519) 941-2816 E-mail:; Kent County, Michigan: Mike Cox, Attorney General Fax: (517) 373-3042; Waterloo:  E-mail:; Innisfil:; Chinese Consulate in Toronto Fax:  (416)324-6468; OPP Brantford 519-756-7050; Hamilton 905-572-2401;  Jim Potts OPP liaison 613-795-3907; RCMP London 519-640-7267; Dalton  McGuinty, Premier. Legislative Building, Queen's Park, Toronto ON  M7A 1A1, Attorney General of Canada; Attorney General of Ontario;  Department of Indian Affairs

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