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Africville Reunion 2007 singing for  justice (power to the peeps ..aye) 

 Sisters, brothers, trans, comrades thank you all for carrying on the struggle to make a better world for us all ,thanks to all who help in  fundraising/donations (CUPE,local 4400. local 4308, CUPE Ontario,ETFO, EFRYE, Helen Kennedy,Kathleen Loftus, Pamela Dogra , SETT,forgive me if i forgot you ,metewintoq for keeping the music programs for sistering and the CECC alive  in solidarity and love you always ,Faith available for social justice  F.Y.I. my gig list

NEW CD- original tunes  released june 20th 2008  called  "MANNISH GAL" when you buy 100% independent  a part proceeds to women in jail group and sistering singers

Harrison Hot springs ( BC)July10th-13th

July 16th Downtown Eastside Womens Centre ( Vancouver)sponsored by Vancouver Folk festival

July 17th Frasier Valley Institute for Women(jail)gig with the Native  Women's Sisterhood sponsored by Vancouver Folk festival

July 23rd-28th :Africville Reunion Gig July 23rd 1pm  July 26th 3pm  at the big tent in Africville AKA Seaview Park,Halifax , NS

July 29th Sistering B-B-Que dufferin grave (Toronto) 1pm

August 3rd -10th Cuba

August 22nd-24th  anuual women of colour  activist retreat(burnt river)

September 1st Monday: Labour Day Parade  begins on University 10am Faith with CUPE Ontario drum song  and afro/calypso band