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Story and Photographs by Haseena Manik
Our Time - March/April 2015

>> Activist Faith Nolan comes to Montreal to talk about women and prison


Ashante Infantry - Toronto Star Staff Reporter

In more than three decades as an activist musician, Faith Nolan has written hundreds of songs, but she cites a fledgling tune as her mission statement.

"The best song I think I ever wrote was when I was 16," says the 52-year-old singer-songwriter-guitarist of "Divide and Rule Us," which appeared on her 1986 recording debut Africville.

The calypso track established her expansive social agenda: from incarcerated women in Ontario and Nigeria, to gay rights in California and Afghanistan, to homelessness in Toronto.

written by the Vancouver Festival 2008

by Oswald Phills

Faith Nolan got power! Yes she does. And charisma and drive! A triple threat as singer,

songwriter, activist, she had a CD launch at Trinity St. Pauls up on Bloor and Spadina recently. It represented the culmination of the work she had been doing with the Elementary Teachers of Toronto (ETT). She's led some of these teachers to sing and record a number of songs from different cultural traditions for a CD called Day Done Broke.