Music Workshop for positive queer identities

Collective Songwriting

This songwriting workshops starts with a short concert of original songs about peoples issues using popular union songs and easily singable melodies. Using a variety of styles participants will choose the type of music they prefer i.e. (folk/reggae/blues/ballad/rap) Participants will be encouraged to raise their issues, write about there personal lives/jobs/communities issues which affect us all. Issues will be determined by the presenters. The particular stylings of music will depend on the choices group involved. For example with students rap and R&B rhythms will provide the musical background and lyrical format to voice their concerns as with Women/worker and other special interests group. A fun way to break up a long day. The resulting songs will be recorded and copies available for use in participants workplaces, further conventions/classrooms and picket lines.

Concert : 45 minutes /unlimited participants
Workshop: maximum 50 people