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Marie Joseph Amgelique

Slave in Montreal in 1750’s
Viola Desmond

ended segragetion in Canada
Faith Nolan-singer songwriter


Maxine Tynes Afro Scotian poet

Dionne BrandTrinidad born-




Viola Desmond

Her crime was this: when stopping in a town unfamiliar to her, she mistakenly sat in the locally known "whites-only" section of a theatre. Although she offered to pay
the difference in ticket price to remain in her seat, she was arrested, convicted, and fined.




African Canadian History Through Music
Conc ert or Workshop

Musician singer songwriter Faith Nolan has been writing and performing songs about Afro Canadian history since the early 1980's. Her album 'Africville', traces African Canadian history from slavery (1642) in Canada through the end of Nova Scotia¹s Africville in 1969. This album and songbook with art by Grace Channer can be found in libraries, community centers, schools and universities across Canada and the United States. Government and non government organizations around the country celebrate Afro-Canadian history in the month of February. This concert workshop celebrates and educates about the history featuring songs and discussions about celebrated Afro Canadians like Viola Desmond,Josiah Henson, Mary Ann Shadd, John Ware and Americans like Rosa Parks, Madame C Walker and Harriet Tubman. Song stylings reflect the historical development of the African Diaspora such as drums, call and response, Blues, jazz reggae and R&B.

Concert : 45 minutes /unlimited participants
Workshop: maximum 50 people

PO BOX 690 Station P Toronto Ontario Canada M5S 2Y4 or 416-537-8194

African Canadian Civil Rights Music
Concert or Workshop

African Baptist churches formed throughout Canada and the United States were the birthplace of many of the songs of liberation in the struggle since slavery for equality. These songs became widely recognized during and after the civil rights movement of the 1960's . They became the vocal and lyrical representation of the movement to end state sponsored segregation and the goal of full equality and justice. This workshop covers a range of topics through song like -anti racism (Ride on the Bus with Me) gender equity (I Black Woman) commitment to struggle (We shall Overcome), to songs that aid in organizing and disseminating information (I'm On My Way)

Concert : 45 minutes /unlimited participants
Workshop: maximum 50 people

Blues Music

This workshop/concert takes us back to the beginning of the blues --sing along and learn west+south  African and south African songs  drumming  voice for singing and hands for clapping. Then Move through the early banjo blues music of the late 1800's, to the cotton picking blues of the 20th century, slide blues, twelve bar, urban style and the folk blues of the 60's. The music of Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey, Billie Holiday, E. Cotton Blues music is a base for understanding the development of North American musical styles the metaphors speaks of a realities of everyday life.