January 2019 Faith Nolan out. and. about singing Freedom Struggles


No Bottled Water original Faith Nolan.                              

{ water is  life  and must be free like the  air, sunshine).           

Rally -Electoral Reform  Faith Nolan .Capitalism NO - Faith Nolan 

I'm On My Way to freedom Land- Trad.   Stop the  Highway of Tears  -Faith Nolan 

Rally for  homes for the Homeless Faith Nolan

 Indigenous womens Rights Gathering with Faith NolanWAY YA HAY YA -{song to thank {welalien} Mother earth} Traditional

Workers Unite Faith Nolan and Pam Dogra

Chat Bout Work. 

I'II Fly Away Traditional 

I'II Fly Away Faith Nolan with musicians  Rachel melas, Carrie Chestnu