What they are saying about Faith's music...

"Faith Nolan - a voice powerful enough to shake the Canadian landscape!"

Jim Hagen, Interior News, BC.

"...her forthright vocal manner, by turns declamatory, defiant and celebratory, works in a way that anything shaped by a sense of artifice would not."

Mark Miller, The Globe and Mail, Canada

"And while the lyric are forcefuland direct, it's the power of the music that stands out. Nolan's style takes in elements of rock 'n' roll, but she's primarily a modern blues singer."

Chris Defoe, The Toronto Star, Toronto, Ontario

"On hearing Faith Nolan one can close their eyes and envisage Bessie Smith or Billie Holiday."

Our Lives Magazine, Toronto, Ontario

"ln a world where so many are daily stripped of their dignity, Nolan's work is a welcome addition to the ranks of all those who dream, and work towards a better future."

Paul Ogresko, Canadian Tribune, Toronto, Ontario

"Her songs are sometimes bitingly satiric, sometimes deeply moving and at times downright raunchy."

Share, Toronto, Ontario

"Nolan shares with Michelle Shocked the ability to wrap a story around a song, to hold onto and demand the audience's attention. Faith Nolan is deep and soon to be famous."

Noelle Hanrahan, Bay Women's Music, San Francisco, CA

"Faith can belt it, rock it, roll it and tell the truth. Her rendition of "Strange Fruit" made the hair on my neck stand on end. I couldn't shake off the feeling for hours."

Jill Benderly, On The Issues, San Francisco, CA