Faith Nolan - Compilation 1986-1996

Reviewed: D&D July 2003

Across the lunch table from us, sat this spontaneous sparkling woman, chatting briefly while we all ate our lunch. Later that day, I was fascinated to watch her strap a tambourine on her ankle, put on her harmonica holder and grab up her slide guitar. Faith was introduced as a singer, songwriter and guitarist, recently returning after performing in Nigeria at a women’s prison. Lyrically Faith tells of violence against women, poverty, racism and the need to struggle for a better world to live in. Faith has a deep commitment to social justice. With her lively music sprinkled with reggae, jazz, blues, spiritual gospel and folk, Faith had the audience easily joining in with the chorus.

Born in Halifax, Faith’s parents were coal miners in Cape Breton. Later moving to Toronto she clearly uses her music as a powerful tool to help bring social change for a better world. Faith’s toured across Canada, Europe, Japan and the States performing at benefits, concerts, music festivals and universities, composed and arranged music for the National Film Boards.

Her CD Faith Nolan Compilation 1986 – 1996 celebrates ten years of song; Faith’s approach of utilizing her song writing and voice to speak out for feminism, workers’ issues and children’s rights. Numerous websites – Faith Nolan.

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