Music Workshop for positive queer identities

High way of Tears -original song for the murdered Dissappeared

Dear Friends  ,Thank you so much for continued support of these projects.

I am continually honored and happy to be expanding the Music Healing Workshops for women in jail- we are   starting a new Program at Vanier detention Centre -the largest provincial jail for women. The results of sharing song and music with women prisoners continues we are working on expanding into two other jails.

  Vancouver’s highway of tears is where over 800 women disappeared it expands across Canada to the Atlantic and weekly more and more women disappear. This is an incredible crime against humanity and must be stopped.

Please check out the song and sign the petitions and attend rallies, demos whenever you can.

 We want to see more sisters involved with our sisters in jail. To this end we are forming an arts collective to do this labour of love. I have spoken to Vanier and we will start another music therapy program and we have a half dozen or so artists   committed to doing the music program

   Please  check out the  song  and sign the petitions  and  asttend  rallies , demos whenever  you can . A big  welalien, thanks for  the  support of  community  and labour  organizations, Sistering, Elementary Teachers of Ontario, E Fry( Kim Pate)in keeping the music aliver  for  women in jail.A big welalien, thanks for the support of community and labour organizations, Sistering, Elementary Teachers of Ontario, E Fry (Kim Pate) in keeping the music alive for women in jail. This past February was very fruitful, I did two launches of Jailhouse blues, one in New York at the People Voice Cafe, thanks to Marilyn, Steve and Bev, and  the other in Launch was in Toronto Feb. 21st . The purpose of the   work is to create  emotion that inform and create the  impetus for change.  

Our struggle for justice continues, with love  and  solidarity, Faith