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Jailhouse Blues ( D.O.ed ) Detention Order Blues


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D'Oed Blues:  This song is about waiting for trial and getting longer sentences. Supermax jails  many women prisoners are held  while  awaiting trial, It used to be  a few years back that time  served that while awaiting trial,  one day  awaiting trial would be equal(two ) sometimes  three days of  any sentence given. The change  means that now  one day  awaiting trial is now equal to only one days of  any sentence given. This means  longer incarceration for women prisoners.  

This is part of the reason Canada’s female federal prison population has grown by 40 per cent in the past decade, and that growth appears to be speeding up the fast with a higher incarceration rate of mentally ill, aboriginal, women. The number of women admitted to penitentiaries with mental problems doubled from 1997 to 2009, native women account for just four per cent of the Canadian population. Native Women account for One in three females in the federal correctional system,What is dead time?

Dead time is the time a person spends in jail before his or her bail hearing and time spent in jail after an unsuccessful bail hearing, but before a trial or sentencing hearing.

This type of jail is more accurately referred to as a pretrial custody centre. These places typically have less resources for the inmates than a prison or penitentiary, where an inmate will serve out a sentence. They are hubs, like an airport or a bus station, where people wait to figure out where they’re going next. The cells will typically be more crowded than in prisons or penitentiaries and there is little for the inmates to do. Rehabilitation programs and counselling services are non-existent or in short supply.

Time served before trial or a sentence is passed will often be considered time served on a sentence an accused person may receive if found guilty. Except in special circumstances, one day of pretrial custody is the equivalent of one day time served on your sentence. Special circumstances are when the conditions of the pretrial custody centre are so terrible as to be inhumane. Examples of these conditions include overcrowding of cells, extreme filth, and frequent incidents of violence between inmates. If there are special circumstances, then a judge may order at a sentencing hearing that one day of pretrial custody is the equivalent to a day and half of time served on the sentence.

Most of the women in the jail are on remand , awaiting sentences in superman settings, waiting for trail, lawyers,sentencing, many are convicted of drug use and some have mental health issues.The women prisoners are in a maximum security setting . They are approx 75%+  doing dead time unsentenced , some few may be serving sentences of up to two years less a day, as well as those on remand awaiting court proceedings.

  • The CECC has been built on approximately 35 hectares of land in the City of the Kawartha Lakes and is approximately 10 acres under roof.  The institution includes areas for rehabilitation, programming, an infirmary and separate buildings for an industrial work program.
  • All inmate-occupied areas are surrounded by a 16-foot fence, topped with 300 metres of razor ribbon.  All doors, windows, locks and perimeter walls are built to maximum security standards. The building has more structural steel than the CN Tower.
  • The facility features the most advanced security technology and includes 21 different security systems.  Closed-circuit television is designed to enhance sight lines for correctional officers and allows for the simultaneous viewing of several indoor and outdoor areas.  The six video court suites will reduce the need for offender transportation to and from court for short court appearances.
  • The design is unique in Canada and features six inter-connected octagonal “pods”.  Each pod contains six living units, an enclosed exercise yard, and dedicated program and visiting areas.  Meals and health care services are brought to the living units to reduce inmate movement throughout the facility.
  • Living units have 16 cells, each accommodating two offenders.  This design features clear and unobstructed sight lines between correctional officers and inmate living areas and a small number of inmates per housing unit.
  • Core support services include a medical infirmary, a 40-bed segregation unit, a meal preparation facility, a separate inmate industries building and administrative office space.
  • The separate female unit is inaccessible to male inmates and accommodates 32 female offenders.  Also included are separate programming areas, recreation yard, medical and segregation units and an admissions and discharge area for female offenders.
  • Supermax (short for "super-maximum security") is the name used to describe "control-unit" prisons, or units within prisons, which represent the most secure levels of custody in the prison systems of certain countries. The objective is to provide long term, segregated housing for inmates classified as the highest security risks in the prison system—the "worst of the worst" criminals, and those who pose a threat to national and international security.[1]
  • Leena Kurki and Norval Morris have argued there is no absolute definition of a supermax, and that different jurisdictions classify prisons as supermax inconsistently. They identify four general features that tend to characterize supermax prisons:[3]
  • Long-term – Once transferred to a supermax prison, people tend to stay there for years or indefinitely.
  • Powerful administration – Supermax administrators and guards have ample authority to punish and manage inmates, without outside review or prisoner grievance systems.
  • Solitary confinement – Supermax prisons rely heavily on intensive (and long-term) solitary confinement, which is used to isolate and punish prisoners as well as to protect them from themselves and each other. Communication with outsiders is minimal.
  • No activities – Few opportunities are provided for recreation, education, substance abuse programs, or other activities generally considered healthy and rehabilitative at other prisons.
  • New law restricts jail-time credit march 2009
  • The infamous Toronto (Don) Jail is the penal poster child in the debate over whether people awaiting trial should get two-for-one credit or more for so-called "dead time."the debate over whether people awaiting trial should get two-for-one credit or more for so-called "dead time."
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