Music Workshop for positive queer identities

Music for women in jail .Whats UP?Jail house Blues:March 2014

[[{"fid":"189","view_mode":"default","fields":{"format":"default","field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]":"","field_file_image_title_text[und][0][value]":""},"type":"media","attributes":{"height":360,"width":480,"style":"line-height: 1.538em;","class":"media-element file-default"}}]]   Dear Friends ,Thank you so much for spreading the news please  pass it on. Thank you fort your continued support of this project. The Cd is done and we continue spreading the news distributing  it to  community radio, jails and social justice peeps.

I am continually honored and happy to be expanding the Music Healing Workshops for womenm in jail-we are starting a new Program at Vanier detention Centre -the largest provincial jail for women. The results of sharing song and music with women prisoners continues we are working on expanding into two other jails.

       Vancouver’s highway of tears is where over 800 women disappeared it expands across Canada to the Atlantic and weekly more and more women disappear. This is an incredible crime against humanity and must be stopped.

Please check out the song and sign the petitions and attend rallies, demos whenever you can.

More sisters  are becoming involved with our sisters in jail. To this end we are forming an arts collective to do this labour of love. I have spoken to Vanier and we will start another music therapy program and we have a half dozen or so artists committed to doing the music program.

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A big welalien, thanks for the support of community and labour organizations, Sistering, Elementary Teachers of  Ontario, E Fry (Kim Pate) in keeping the music alive for women in jail. This past February was very fruitful,We did two launches of Jailhouse blues, one in New York at the People Voice Cafe, thanks to Marilyn, Steve and Bev. I am trying to use the work to inform and create the impetus for change. Love in struggle  to a better  world  for all of us, Faith P.S. see below the forward and words to Dry Cell(LOAP) A.K.A. -segregation- A.K.A.-loss of all privilidges

                 4.DRY CELL L.O.A.P BLUE (Loss Of All Privileges) 2013  ,Faith Nolan ©2013

Down in a Hole Imprisoned activist Alex Hundert on incarceration and solitary confinement .

This is the kind of place where Ashley Smith died in 2007. It is also the kind of place where Julie Bilotta  gave birth on a cement floor lastyear.It’s the place where prisons send people to punish the already imprisoned.I’m writing with pencil and paper from a solitary confinement cell in the segregation unit – the “Hole” –  at the Central North Correctional Centre (CNCC),a maximum security provincial prison in Penetanguishene, Ontario. Here we spend 23.5 hours a day or more locked in an eight-by-twelve-foot cell. We are allowed nothing  but one religious book and a pencil and paper, in addition to our prison-issue clothes (but no shoes) and toiletries  (disposable toothbrush and toothpaste, a bar of soap, a towel). We get access to the yard – a large caged balcony – for 20 minutes a day, and a shower every second day. On alternating days we’re allowed   a 20-minute phone call.People like me on “administrative segregation,”  isolated for security rather than  punitive reasons, are granted a few extra “privileges.”By contrast, people in the Hole for misconduct are put  on LOAP (Loss of All Privileges). Following adjudication, a fancy word for the extra-legal disciplinary procedures that masquerade as hearings,  one may be put on LOAP for up to 30 days. This means no access to writing materials,   phone, mail, or any reading material but the Bible. The luxuries of a mattress, sheets, and blanket are withheld 14 hours a day.The deprivation of being on LOAP can become a vortex:   a spiral into personal oblivion. At its upper reaches,  spending 30 days in solitary confinement with no stimulus is tantamount to torture.

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                                               Can’t brush my teeth, ain’t got no soap no running water it’s hell on L.O.A.P.

Oh I got the dry cell blues

Could be three days, might be ten sleeping on cold metal, no paper and no pen
. On my hands and knees talking through a crack  hoping and praying please send me back 

Oh got the dry cell blues Oh got the dry cell blues 

Can’t even read the bible, can’t use the phone got to take three craps, before they”ll let me go  twenty three hours locked up alone, my mind is pained my soul cries no Oh got the dry cell blues Oh got the dry cell blues

LOAP loss- of -all –privileges- no !mail and no calls -suspected tobacco, its enough to lock you down there’s no talking, no laughing-  -no crying here, no water- no toothbrush - no mattress,no clothes, in segregation there is no day there no night or night*a baby sized blanket,you feelfrost bite, leaving you vulnerablecold from 72 hour  alone in the dark equals=  4,320 minutes=259,200 seconds alone in the   dark= 15.552 .000 milliseconds alone in the dark that’s 10 days in the  dark all alone,  equals 14400 minutes alone in the dark -no talking-no laughing-no crying-no talking no laughing- no crying- 

Oh I got the dry cell blues, oh got the dry cell blues,Oh got the dry cell  blues oh got the dry cell blues.