Music Workshop for positive queer identities

Faith NET September 2014

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Hi Welalien Ache, thank you, everyone again for your love and solidarity in getting The Jailhouse Blues released, YAY! we got the album recorded pressed and  distributed to women prisoners  and there allies. Hope your  summer was sunny and I gave thanks everyday for  the sun, earth and sky, Well  Summer is over. you can see my new goodtimes banjo  in the pic. The  album launch  is finished and I am getting the songs out to media, slowly. I did a week of kids and adult choir music at  Camp Naivelt  this summer which was great fun and what a wow  weekend of  concerts with wonderful Naivelt performers where we  celebrating Pete Seeger who  performed at Naivelt and had the annual peace tea..

As I approach sixty I  am so happy to have been building decks(3) and a new porch , feeling joy and strength in the piney woods. Now I am back and forth from Toronto to the Piney woods.

 To start the Fall I will be two new music empowerment programs  at two womens jail in Ontario. Along with songwriting, voicing and learning ukulele , guitar and banjo  we will be trying out some musical theatre.Thanks to ETFO and Kathleen Loftus for this ongiong support of the programs. Toyin, Pamela,Dinah,  Pat A, Bo-Yi,Nadan, and Ash and I met as  group  over the spring and have corordinated  six new volunteers women to come into one jail this fall to begin  new writing, yoga, music and support programs for our sisters inside. Some women are  working on  getting transportation together so women and children can visit and arranging for rides for sisters  who are released. One exciting Toronto Community  event we will hold later this  Fall will be   a  coat raising ( bring a coat  to come to the concert , these coats will be  given to women in jail ) 

I am also looking forward to doing music workshops  at Native Womens Centre with 2 spirited trans sex workers in Toronto. 

I also begin music singing workshops  this fall at  Sisteringa safe space for women who are marginalizeds, poor, isolated on Thursdays.

This summer Camp Sis was lucky enough to have  our 2 spirited elder and caretaker of the land  Doreen Silversmith stay at Camp sis. Doreen hosted the women who visited , camped and  made gardens.  Toyin and family+ friends are  building  a cabin they will stay in. Along with Patricia K. they are helping winterize the main house where Doreen  stays, Patricia K.  is  also making plans to build  a cabin at Camp Sis.Women have been fundraising at Camp Sis to pay the taxes and we  will be  holding a pay the tax event to get Camp Sis taxes together. Next summer 2015  we will once  again hold the Camp Sis Retreat  and Music Festival. 

need any info please email me at :

The Voices of Freedom Choir may start up again in January 2015 so holla back if your interested  and stay tuned.   peace , joy and justice, faith nolan