Music Workshop for positive queer identities

PEOPLES VOICE CAFE Presents Faith Nolan live in NEW YORK Faith Nolan "JAILHOUSE BLUES" with BUlldagger Bluesband



                               PEOPLES VOICE CAFE  Presents                                                                         

      Faith Nolan "JAILHOUSE BLUES" Launch- with Bulldagger Blues Band

              Pamela Dogra (percussion +voc.)-Dinah Thorpe ( ukelele+ voc. )                              

                                      words by women prisoners                                              

                             SATURDAY  Feb. 15th  2014  8pm                                            

                                                          at the Community Church of New York (U-U)                                                            

                                                         40 East 35th Street • New York, NY 10016                                                                 



                      The Peoples' Voice Cafe is an alternative coffee house offering quality entertainment. 

                        We provide a space for the artistic expression of a wide variety of humanitarian issues and concerns. 

                      The cafe is run as a not-for-profit collective and is not affiliated with any political organization. 

                        New participating members are always welcome.


                            Saturday evening, February 15, 2014.  

                   sharing the evening with Thelma Thomas, a storyteller who lives here in New York City.