Bread and Roses, Mama was an Engineer and I¹m a Union Woman are just a few of the traditional songs about women and work. Songs of celebration, they also commemorate the labour victories of women as they have moved to become partners in the workplace with equal access to jobs and equitable pay.

This workshop/concert focuses on songs about women, Native, disabled, poor and women of color who were born in Canada who've overcome the obstacles women face in jobs, homes, institutions and our everyday lives . Funny songs which deal with stereotypes/ non traditional work help students understand the socialization of gender roles. Students will be educated through the words as they sing along.

Musician singer songwriter Faith Nolan has been writing and performing songs about since the early 1980's. In this workshop each participant will learn multicultural songs that commemerate, celebrate and educate Participants will learn a call and response teaching method to share them with others, adults children within these cultures groups: Ojibway, Mi'kmaq, African/American and Canadian Black, Arabic, Hebrew, Spanish, Tstso, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian and Cantonese.

Music from the civil rights movement which helped create the impetus to end segregation and create the peace movement of today. This workshop/concert focuses on a broad range of topics, anti racism, womens equality, peace, environment, poverty, Labour, Native people using contemporary as well as 60's music to talk about these issues. Participate by singing a long and a short question answer and comment at the end of workshop/concert. 45-90 min.

This songwriting workshops starts with a short concert of original songs about peoples issues using popular union songs and easily singable melodies. Using a variety of styles participants will choose the type of music they prefer i.e. (folk/reggae/blues/ballad/rap) Participants will be encouraged to raise their issues, write about there personal lives/jobs/communities issues which affect us all. Issues will be determined by the presenters.

This workshop/concert takes us back to the beginning of the blues -- just voice for singing and hands for clapping. Moving through the early banjo blues music of the late 1800's, to the cotton picking blues of the 20th century, slide blues, twelve bar, urban style and the folk blues of the 60's. The music of Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey, Billie Holiday, E.

Faith performs her own powerful compositions as well as the music of the great women of the Blues Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey , Billie Holiday, Nina Simone. Enjoy the historical stylings of the rural cotton pickin' blues,slide guitar , twelve bar and the urban blues. Faith not only performs the music -she's also great, (and very entertaining) source of information about the history of the blues and the great blues women. Concert : 45 minutes /unlimited participants Workshop: maximum 50 people

Each year millions of lesbian and gays globally struggle along with Amnesty International for there full and equal human rights. In June, Lesbian gay Bi and trans Day has become globally recognized as celebration and commemoration for equality. This workshop will use popular education through music to create awareness of the historical and contemporary call for equality.

Musician singer songwriter Faith Nolan has been writing and performing songs about Afro Canadian history since the early 1980's. Her album 'Africville', traces African Canadian history from slavery (1642) in Canada through the end of Nova Scotia¹s Africville in 1969. This album and songbook with art by Grace Channer can be found in libraries, community centers, schools and universities across Canada and the United States.

African Baptist churches formed throughout Canada and the United States were the birthplace of many of the songs of liberation in the struggle since slavery for equality. These songs became widely recognized during and after the civil rights movement of the 1960's . They became the vocal and lyrical representation of the movement to end state sponsored segregation and the goal of full equality and justice.

A workshop/concert on African Diasporic & Canadian history The words and music written by Faith, songs about Mary Ann Shadd, Josiah Henson, Harriet Tubman, Emancipation Day. Songs about outstanding African Americans like Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks etc... Adjustable for all ages, sing a long, keep rythyms, and call and response with the audience makes for educational fun and learning combined. 45-90 min.